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KAB Technologies brings South Africa premium broadband and ISP services.

Air Fibre

Enjoy a high-speed, wireless connection for your business or home use. Find out if you qualify with line-of-sight to one of our high-sites today!


This cutting-edge technology is incredibly popular with large businesses that have many branches country-wide. Find out more about our fibre solutions today!

IT Solutions

Whether you require network security or specific hardware to be maintained, our technicians can take the hassle right off your hands. Find out more today!

Flexible and Reliable Solutions from KABtech

All of our customers receive unparalleled support and customised services or products for each and every unique requirement. Contact us today using the form and we’ll be in touch with an optimised solution for your home or business needs.

KABtech offers cutting-edge efficiency and stability when it comes to Broadband Connectivity and Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions. We provide both a wide variety of products and a customisable, flexible, service for homes or businesses.

If you’re looking for high-speed Internet access to facilitate corporate communications nation-wide or require a stable line for online gaming and multimedia streaming, we can provide the solution.

Contact us to find out more about which technology will cost-efficiently meet your requirements.

KABtech provides excellent Air Fibre wireless Internet connectivity coverage throughout South Africa, providing high speed access to various buildings and businesses. This is particularly useful for areas where there isn’t a cable infrastructure already in place.

Our wireless broadband packages take less than 3 weeks for installation, provided your premises is qualified in terms of line-of-sight proximity to our available high-sites.

Contact us to find out whether you qualify for this premium Air Fibre ethernet broadband service.

A fibre-based broadband solution can provide incredibly high stability and speeds. You can even get browsing capability of up to 100mbps with this technology.

At KABtech you can access both capped and uncapped data packages in order to complement your high-speed Internet capability. We advise uncapped as you will inadvertently use a lot of bandwidth due to the intrinsic speed of the connectivity.

Contact us to find out more about fibre Internet solutions from KABtech.

Whether you require a dedicated server to hosting the smallest of websites, we can provide a flexible and reliable solution for South African businesses and enterprises.

KABtech offers substantial bandwidth capacity, facilitated by multiple connections and a data centre that is renowned for scalable and trustworthy hosting services. Similarly, our colocation solution takes the hassle out of maintaining your organisation’s hardware.

Contact us to find out more about our server, website, domain hosting and more!

South Africans are adopting virtualisation at an increasing rate, with enterprises nation-wide turning to cloud storage and shared resource capabilities. You can enjoy high levels of security and mobility for your business at reasonable prices.

KABtech offers a complete end-to-end solution for cloud storage scalability, as well as catering for both Linux and Windows server’s connectivity.

Contact us to discuss your virtual computing requirements, as well as KABtech’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions.

VOIP and IP telephony are becoming an increasingly popular service for businesses around South Africa who need to find ways around national and international communication costs.

Voice over IP streamlines several unified communications applications, including web and video conferencing. This allows branches or partners from around the world to cost efficiently interact with each other face-to-face via digital means.

Contact us for more information on a VOIP communications solution for your organisation or home-based business.

When it comes to personal and server computer hardware, KABtech provides a wide selection of brands and the expert knowledge to advise on which are most suited to your unique requirements and budget.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate gaming computer or are wanting to setup a small business server, we can assist you from the components to commissioning maintenance and repair solutions.

Contact us and find out more about our server hardware, as well as computer prices.

Having good network security could make or break your business, this is true whether you’re a small, growing or large enterprise. Protecting your data from prying eyes and warding off spam, viruses and malware is critical.

KABtech can ensure that your security firewall, and all peripheral office network security, is being taken care of and maintained. This will protect you from destructive websites or people who would do your network harm.

Contact us and secure your network security today.

At KABtech, we place emphasis on providing the utmost in support across our entire service offering. This is particularly essential for customers who require dedicated bandwidth and guaranteed uptime either for their businesses or their homes.

Our skilled technicians take care of your technology requirements while our service agents ensure your concerns or queries are resolved. We support you every step of the way.

Contact us and one of our friendly, knowledgeable, team members will be in touch.

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We were with Kab Tech for the past 3 years and had wonderful service. The team was always exceptionally helpful. We would highly recommend Kab tech as a service provider.

Nadia Halperin

Very happy with the prompt action to the services required. Geoffrey, the technician arrived, did his due diligence and resolved the issue. It was suggested that measures be put in place and a record kept on both our files and Kab’s files. This has been done. He even attended to an additional matter and resolved this swiftly. A big thank you for service excellence.

Jason Johnstone – CPI Engineering

I just would like to congratulate you with a super service!!!

Past Minister of Post and Telecommunications

Thank you KAB Technologies for your call and arranging everything. Your advise, assistance and speed at which you resolved my issues was impeccable.

Fawaaz Cariem

KAB Technologies has exceeded my expectation in service delivery. After years of struggling with service providers making the move was seamless and instantaneously beneficial to my company.

Shane Clarke

It was such a pleasure to deal with KAB Technologies. We’re primarily an online company and they totally got our high demand needs and suggested a quality solution at a reasonable cost. So rare to find such a professional team who know their stuff, are super responsive and implemented our installation so well and so quickly. Highly recommended.

Diane de Villiers

Speaking to KAB Technologies sales person on the phone every time was great – they knew who we were and was very helpful towards us. I can’t emphasize how great it is to speak to the same person every time you call through to a service provider. When you speak to telkom, for instance, you are always just thrown together with some stranger who enters your details like a machine and takes you through the process – its very mechanical compared to the personal service that KAB tech offers.

Brian Tompkins

Very impressed by the great service delivered on behalf of the Technical team, Sales and installation done. Thank you

Logan Fredericks

We are very pleased with the Internet service you provide. For the first time, I have been able to make use of the Internet for more than 3 months without one single interruption. Thanks for the good service.


I have been using KABTech Air Fibre Wireless for more than 5 years now and its been the best decision I have made. I will never go back to the traditional SA monopoly ISP as far as humanly possible. The support from KABTech is superb!


I am very satisfied with KABtech’s services. I thank the staff for all the good work and advice that they provide us.