Metro Wireless Internet Connectivity

Wireless broadband is a welcome and inexpensive alternative to fibre. Not only this but, in most cases, this kind of broadband Internet connectivity has proven to be fast to install – without the fuss of accommodating cables required. This is particularly important if you’re not interested in shouldering the project of introducing cables to a large building for offices or businesses.

However, there are a few qualifying parameters that you’ll need to meet in order to commission this service. For example, we’ll need to first establish if your premise has line-of-sight to one of our high-sites. This is critical for the transmitters and receivers, as it requires a clear signal between them. This includes trees or buildings to be obstructing access to our Metroethernet.

Wireless broadband is best suited for e-mail, general website browsing and teleconferencing, as well as large file uploads and downloads, video streaming, gaming and remote access capability (depending on the on package you subscribe for). If this sounds like your connectivity usage profile then don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Contact us today for more information on whether your premise will qualify for this service.

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