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At KABtech, we believe in cutting-edge efficiency that’s matched with technical stability and incredibly skilled support staff. Our broadband Internet solutions place special emphasis on providing South Africans with a wide variety of quality bandwidth products for home or enterprise use.

For businesses, having an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who can offer fast, affordable and scalable broadband connectivity could be the difference between making a profit or loss. Regardless of your industry, it’s important to maintain stable and integrated operations – having reliable Internet access plays a big role in helping your organisation reach its full potential.

For home users, you can harness the power of the Internet for your entire family. From seamless media streaming to a powerful connection that’s able to sustain online gaming, KABtech’s ISP solutions are guaranteed to have the appropriate packages for your requirements.

Regardless of your needs, KABtech has world-class solutions to cater for everyone. Whether you’re looking for seamless browsing and bandwidth stability, or faster speeds for complex communications systems, we’ve got the appropriate package for you.

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This is the perfect technology for customers who find themselves unable to access the web with DSL or cable modem services, largely due to residing in a remote locations. This solution provides similar speeds to DSL with an external antenna usually required by the user to facilitate connectivity.

Our wireless broadband packages can connect users to the Internet via a fixed or mobile solution. Fixed networks allow users to access the Internet from a static point while being stationary. This often requires a line-of-sight proximity between the wireless transmitter and the receiver. Mobile on the other hand, can be used by professionals who are usually on the go but still need connection. This is facilitated by technology that can be plugged into a laptop to provide connectivity, but does tend to have lower speeds and higher data costs.

With our wireless packages we can ensure shorter installation times, as well as higher redundancy.  Find out more about the KABtech, top-quality, Air Fibre wireless Internet connectivity  solutions for home or business users.

Depending on where your home or business is located, we can provide Internet access via fibre, which is renowned for offering far higher stability and speeds than any other solution.

The actual speeds that you’ll experience can vary depending on your proximity to the infrastructure. However, optic fibre Internet in South Africa generally means that customers can get browsing speeds up to 100Mbps, with varying levels of support provided by KABtech to ensure your enterprise’s connectivity is reliable.

Generally you can choose between bundle charges for data, or opt in for an uncapped solution for unlimited usage. This solution is by the far the most recommended for businesses that require a consistent connection between country-wide branches.

Find out more about our optic fibre Internet and support services for home or business use.

An Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is by far the most popular choice for residential users. This solution usually benefits customers who need to receive a lot of data but not really send much. This is most suitable to low-bandwidth Internet browsers and casual media streaming. This package also provides a stable and reliable connection for data communication, with faster downstream data transmission over the same line used to provide voice services. In other words, it doesn’t disrupt the ability to make or receive regular telephone calls on the line.

At KABtech we always strive to be a reliable fixed-line Internet Service Provider, providing the best support possible. Find out more about our ADSL  solutions for business owners or home users today.

KABtech’s data centres provide point-to-point managed circuits over Telkom’s Diginet service. If you find yourself looking for a secure, high-speed, constant and stable quality Internet connection – then this is your solution. Point-to-point services over a digital transmission network ensures the delivery of high Internet uptime, which can benefit any home or business user. Any faults you may experience are dealt with quickly and efficiently by KABtech support technicians. We also provide expert advice and assistance on every element of the installation – from its configuration to optimising your usage.

Find out more about our world-class dedicated synchronous data transfer service for your enterprise or home.

If you’re unsure about which broadband Internet solution is the best for you, then don’t worry. Our incredibly skilled support staff and technicians will assist you. We can assess your infrastructure and environment, as well as what your connectivity activity entails, in order to suggest the optimum solution in terms of performance, as well as your pocket. We can make sure that you’re spending your budget in the most efficient way possible. Find out more about KABtech’s friendly and efficient Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions.

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