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How Metro Wireless Internet Connectivity Works

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South Africans have been fast to adopt an inexpensive alternative to pursuing conventional copper cable infrastructures or the more costly laying of fibre, enter wireless broadband. Businesses and building managers are finding that this type of broadband Internet is just far more viable than having to fork out thousands, if not millions, for the introducing of cables to real estate and enterprises.

With the rise of metroethernet technology, installation is much faster and with the lack of requirement for cables, there is no risk of downtime for residents or business users due to cable theft. But the question remains, how exactly does metro wireless internet connectivity work? Read on to find out more or contact us direct for first-hand information.

The KABtech wireless broadband network is generally referred to as a Metropolitan Area Network (WAN), which connects an array of Local Area Networks (LANs). We have excellent coverage in many urban and rural centres around South Africa. In many cases, this solution has provided connectivity to areas where cable-dependent broadband can’t be facilitated.

To put it simply, this technology uses terrestrial microwaves to provide data communication between transmitters and receivers. It’s for this reason that there shouldn’t be any obstruction to the actual Line-of-Sight (LOS) between these transmitters and receivers. Anything from trees to poles, and even buildings, cannot be obstructing the LOS in order for the network to perform optimally.

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In order to access wireless broadband solutions a business or home user would need to meet certain criteria to ensure that the optimum performance is provided. A technician will visit the premises and clear it in terms of line-of-sight and various minimum standards. Once authorised, your installation should take less than 3 weeks.

This type of connectivity is incredibly reliable – providing almost guaranteed uptime when our experts work with you to build a wireless network that meets all of your requirements. There are several factors that need to be taken into account, for example your existing network, policy and future demands in terms of connectivity.

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There are several benefits to going wireless over other services for fast Internet access, especially in terms of cost effective access and voice solutions. Here are a few to consider:

  • Replace ADSL and telephone lines by consolidating voice and data
  • This is a copper-free broadband solution
  • No third-party suppliers and therefore no additional costs
  • Access uncapped data packages to complement your high-speed access
  • Enjoy speeds as high as 40mpbs
  • 24/7 monitoring of the network
  • Rerouting your services in case of disruptions is quick and seamless

We are ever-expanding our coverage nationally and are working strategically to bring new areas onto our wireless infrastructure – especially in areas where communication has been left largely under developed. Whether you’re looking for a business solution or high-speed connectivity in your home – we’ll be able to get you online. With us, you’ll get an end-to-end service, as well as an ISP with flexible and reliable products.

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