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Optic Fibre Internet Connectivity

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It’s no secret that fibre is considered the most optimum broadband solution for businesses, with speeds that can reach 100mbps. Regardless of whether you’re a company who has an extensive premise and many users, or a home-based enterprise with just a few, your initiative can benefit from reliable, high speed Internet. This is especially true if you generally find yourself sending and receiving large files of data to keep your operations ticking along.

Your business Internet should provide the option of doing away with your existing telephone land line system completely by introducing the power of VOIP communications. Not only does this mean reduced national and international call rates, but this can also reduce cell phone costs within your company.

With optic fibre Internet connectivity you can be sure of seamless communication in this regard and if you have an uncapped data account, you will soon realise the true potential of high speed Internet for growing your organisation. Key features and benefits include:

  • Due to this solution being symmetrical, your upload and download speeds are as equally fast. This differs from a solutions like ADSL where upload speeds are significantly reduced.
  • We provide very low contention ratios, especially when compared to the ratios applied to ADSL customers.
  • This solution is copper-free, so is never interrupted by cable theft, and fibre rarely suffers from congestion on the network.
  • Upgrades are particularly smoother with this kind of broadband, with no disruption experienced by customers when they take place.
  • Depending on what your Internet requirements are, a fibre solution allows your line to be boosted to a faster speed (or reduced if required for any reason) in a matter of hours.

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It can get a little confusing when considering fibre solutions, due to the technicality of the service. However, at KABtech we can help you to choose the most ideal connectivity package for your location and usage requirements.

  • Dark Fibre – This is an infrastructure that is lit up by KABtech and provides 100% speed dedicated to you the customer. Depending on what kind of equipment you commission, you could boost your speeds as high as 40gbps.
  • Air Fibre – This is usually the fibre network deployed in urban centres where you can connect to the existing network in order to access your bandwidth. This could be anywhere from 4Mbps to 600Mbps in terms of speed. This is a good solution for businesses looking for a reliable and cost-efficient way to link branches in city centres nationwide.
  • Point-to-Point – This is also known as fibre to the home, office or building (FTTx) and is a shared service where KABtech can link up an entire building at high speed and various tenants can access the network for Internet access.

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Our expert technicians and extensive infrastructure ensures that you get the best quality service possible in South Africa. We provide speedy installations whenever possible and always focus on simplifying the entire process so that you can save both time and money. You can leverage our extensive experience to ensure that you’re getting high speed Internet for your business or home with cost-efficiency in mind.

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