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We are sorry to see you go

In order to cancel your service,  please complete the form on your right correctly in order for us to process your cancellation efficiently.

In doing so, please take notice that cancellations done on the 1st of the current month will result in service cancellation occurring on the last day of the following month. Any cancellations submitted on the 2nd and on-wards will result in your service being terminated on the last day of the month after next month (2 calendar month notice).

It would be great if you could please provide feedback as to why you are leaving – this will help us to better our service.

You can find your account number in the top left hand corner of your invoice. Please see the exact location in the image below:

Please feel free to reach out to us in the event your alternative solution does not pan out.

Our Sincere Regards,

The KABTech Team.

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