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Data Storage Backups

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Small to large enterprises are quickly migrating to cloud services in order to utilise advances made in the data storage backup market. Backing up your data is critical for business continuity and effective, seamless, day-to-day operations.

Allow your home office or organisation the security and ease of incremental backups of data to a secure, remote, server – without the cost and facilitation of additional hardware onsite. Additionally, this can be completely automated, meaning that no manual process is required to deploy a backup once setup. These regular and scheduled events can vary from minute-by-minute to weekly depending on what you need.

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For many years, initiatives had to rely on data creators to also execute their own incremental backups. However, regardless of how efficient a team is, there is always a margin of human error and the consequences of data loss can often be catastrophic. There are several challenges here:

  • Mitigating risk from disk, hardware and software malfunctions
  • Onsite data storage is at risk of natural disasters, viruses and theft
  • With SME’s there is often the phenomenon of runaway data growth
  • Initiatives often have multiple operating systems or hardware requirements
  • Facilitating effective data distribution and management is critical

Moving to a cloud-based solution for your data storage backup requirements overcomes many of these challenges. KABtech ensures that your online backups are constantly protected and eliminates the need to rely on users. Whether on desktops or laptops, servers and storage platforms are always able to connect to the network – allowing for an application to collect, compress, encrypt and transfer data to our servers either daily or weekly etc. With the use of smart data selection, pre-duplication, several accounts and off-site storage – you can ensure growth in data volumes can be managed effectively.

We also provide additional support during data and system recoveries in the events of a disaster or an anomaly. Contact our experts today and we’ll facilitate everything from your Internet service to your cost-effective cloud backup system.

The advantages of an online storage process have become intrinsic to many successful enterprises being able to scale up and down on demand:

  • Full flexibility means that you can accommodate one or thousands of workstations
  • Remove the risk of human error with automatic up-to-the-minute scheduling
  • Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with anywhere, anytime, recovery over a LAN connection or the Internet
    Be assured of high-level security in regards to authentication and encryption procedures

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Each home office or business infrastructure is different. There are no blanket rules and a whole range of factors that need to be considered first in terms of your requirements. Data storage backups are just the tip of the ice-berg. For example, your existing computer equipment and hardware, the nature of your business model and its networking needs, the workflow of your office and the computer literacy of your team members – these all play a role.

When you partner with us, we ensure that everything from your Internet service to your cloud backup process is optimised for the very best effect on your specific business operations. Contact us today for expert consultancy and a customised roadmap for getting your initiative onto the cloud!