Hosted Exchange

At the end of the day, email communication is at the core of what ensures small to medium businesses continue to grow. In a world where market success is directly proportionate to the amount of relationships a business can harvest and retain, a reliable email and messaging application is critical. It has to be fast, securely stored – and most importantly – always accessible on a variety of devices (laptop to mobile).

More and more businesses are now accessing hosted services known as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) through the Internet. Using a Microsoft Exchange-powered email solution from trusted hosting specialists like ourselves, initiatives are reaching a new level of seamless communication.

At KABtech, we provide a hosted exchange partnership with our clients that reduces the cost of maintaining an in-house IT team to administrate onsite mail servers, as well as the time and energy it takes to maintain and secure your email capabilities.  We provide excellent back-end technology infrastructure support at competitive rates.

Contact us today and let’s discuss cloud email exchange solutions that fit your requirements.

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