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At the end of the day, email communication is at the core of what ensures small to medium businesses continue to grow. In a world where market success is directly proportionate to the amount of relationships a business can harvest and retain, a reliable email and messaging application is critical. It has to be fast, securely stored – and most importantly – always accessible on a variety of devices (laptop to mobile).

More and more businesses are now accessing hosted services known as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) through the Internet. Using a Microsoft Exchange-powered email solution from trusted hosting specialists like ourselves, initiatives are reaching a new level of seamless communication.

At KABtech, we provide a hosted exchange partnership with our clients that reduces the cost of maintaining an in-house IT team to administrate onsite mail servers, as well as the time and energy it takes to maintain and secure your email capabilities.  We provide excellent back-end technology infrastructure support at competitive rates.

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We ensure that there is a Microsoft email box and space segmented on our server for each user in your business with an email address. This will facilitate their access to emails, contacts, task managers, calendars and documents – which they can utilise on various devices, from any location.

With hosted exchange services, we can also ensure that you’re able to integrate and backup all of this important organisational data in one place. Additionally, there aren’t really any upfront commitments in terms of infrastructure, hardware licensing or ongoing IT costs – meaning return is almost immediate. From 24-7 communication reliability to increased productivity the advantages are numerous.

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It’s important to streamline your businesses communication processes. This means that if you have a team member answering and removing emails from their inbox while being offsite, it’s no use they have to sift through and delete the same messages once back in the office. Cloud email exchange solutions ensure that you maintain synchronicity and efficiency with your customer service and internal communications. There are several additional advantages:

  • Over time there are significant cost savings – especially with the refocusing of in-house IT resources onto more pressing business priorities
  • Reduction or elimination of the need to have in-house email support infrastructure
  • Have peace-of-mind regarding the secure environment for in and out-bound communications, this includes SPAM filtering via IP and content
  • Custom configurations – as well as shared calendars, contacts and files – can enhance employee efficiency and job satisfaction
  • Simple integration with a variety of devices (including phones and tablets)
  • Enjoy complete ease of scalability, adding more mailboxes as required, rather than upgrading hardware or purchasing more servers
  • Use Outlook to read, draft and even schedule meetings while you’re offline, having it all synchronised the next time you log on to the Internet
  • Should you want your IT team to directly manage this environment, they can easily setup new mailboxes and execute tasks like email routing and managing storage limits, as well as setting permissions

Our hosted exchange solutions and mail servers provide all that you need to run an effective mail system. Contact us for a complete service from ISP to Mail.