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This kind of solution allows businesses to place their hardware in our data centre, essentially leasing rack space and sharing our bandwidth as their own. Once this is setup, you can receive IP, bandwidth and power to your server from our facilities. Essentially, this provides a hosting option that can really benefit smaller enterprises that want to utilise the features of a large IT department. However, without incurring the costs of having this in-house, in terms of both hardware infrastructures and staff.

At KABtech, we take pride in offering the widest choice of connectivity, as well as guaranteed uptime and impeccable security and operating conditions. Contact us for server hosting or ISP services today!

Our facilities provide the highest specifications in terms of global best practices, providing colocation services for enterprises who are looking for a number of related benefits. These include:

  • Power you can rely on
  • Intelligent and responsive cooling systems
  • SLA guaranteed uptime
  • 24/7 conditioning and monitoring of the environment
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Lower setup and monthly costs
  • Support available around the clock
  • Incredible Internet bandwidth connectivity
  • High-speed networks and backbone
  • Cutting-edge security and protection facilities
  • Increased business potential in terms of opportunities

In short, if you bring the hardware – we’ll supply the rack space and bandwidth you need in order to broaden your enterprise’s operating horizons. You’ll benefit from our infrastructure and networking environments without bearing the crushing costs of sourcing and maintaining these yourself. As a client you can expect the following features:

  • Online bandwidth statistics
  • Several dedicated IP addresses
  • Redundant 10gb and above backbone
  • Dual redundant power feeds
  • Extensive last mile connectivity
  • Backup services that are offsite
  • Control panel for administration
  • Several standby generators
  • Biometric access control for additional security
  • 24/7 emergency support

In terms of rack space, we combat common cabling difficulties and heat dispersion by allowing for an additional 200mm depth per cabinet. All of these have unique locks that restrict even personnel access to those who have been approved.

Contact us for more information on colocation hosting solutions, we’ll ensure that you have complete peace of mind regarding your IT infrastructure and broadband connectivity with our cost-effective packages.