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This kind of solution ensures that you can rely on offsite management and maintenance of hardware resources for your enterprise. By paying a cost-effective fee, you’re able to reap the benefits of having a comprehensive IT infrastructure that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg in terms of equipment, training, salaries and updates.

Whether you’re looking for physical server hosting or require a virtual hosting service instead, KABtech provides a range of solutions to cater for almost every need. If you need to ensure the security, privacy or a high SLA in terms of your physical hardware, then our state-of-the-art data centre provides monitored rack space and around-the-clock support. Additionally, we cater for both Windows and Linux hosting environments.

Regardless of which avenue is best for your organisation’s – or even personal – server activities, the common benefit across all hosting solutions is the increased security provided to your data. With a professional partner, you can commission that your data is always secure and remains backed up. For added peace of mind, our data centre is protected behind multiple firewalls and physical security measures.

There are essentially three main types of services that you can choose from:

  • Managed Hosting – With this solution the client retains complete control over the hardware, software and operating system – while leaning on the support of KABtech in terms of monitoring and maintaining the IT infrastructure. This means that the in-house administrator can focus on more important tasks to further improve the client’s operating environment, rather than wasting time on trivial ongoing upkeep tasks.
  • Dedicated Hosting – If your enterprise isn’t keen on keeping server resources onsite, then this solution provides the opportunity to lease a dedicated server for a rate. That server is then isolated to fulfilling only your needs, as these servers are provided exclusively to the client. Access is provided to client’s administrators through a browser-based control panel, allowing for remote configuration and operation if required. You can also choose to purchase and install your own server hardware on our location, this is known as colocation. A dedicated service like the above is ideal for businesses that have websites which receive high volumes of traffic.
  • VPS Hosting – This entails setting up multiple clients on a single server with the guarantee of a specific amount of bandwidth and hardware capability. This means that while you’re sharing a server, you’ll never be in contest with others for resource allocation. This is ideal for organisations or businesses that wouldn’t need to use an entire server and would like a lower monthly rate when compared to a dedicated solution.

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