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Office network security is essential for any business. This is the software that keeps your vital data safe from outside sources and ensures that any confidential files are secure. Protecting your home network is also highly recommended as this will prevent viruses and hackers from stealing your personal information.

There are several types of security options that include both hardware and software. They are all designed to put up a wall between your computer or network and the Internet. The level of protection that you can get ranges from basic firewalls that prevent viruses and malware from infecting your network to serious encryption that can keep out hackers.

At KABtech, we offer a wide range of solutions from some of the top technology brands in the world. These include Windows security and Microsoft security. Our experts are also available to assess your network and advise you on the optimum security set up. We also provide maintenance, repairs and upgrades on all hardware that you purchase from KABtech.

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A firewall is an essential barrier between your computer or network and the Internet. This software allows you to browse the web without worrying about viruses or hackers penetrating your system. Firewalls allow you to screen all incoming and outgoing data in order to keep your network completely secure.

All businesses that use computers connected to the Internet should invest in a security option that comes with a good firewall. This will stop outside sources from looking at confidential documents that involve your clients. Additionally, this will allow your company to block certain websites or IP addresses. For example, social media websites or anything that is deemed inappropriate for the work place. You’ll also be able to prevent downloads from sources you don’t know or trust, therefore preventing possible virus infections spreading through your network.

Home networks also need to be protected from threats on the Internet. Most people store or access plenty of personal details on their home computers – including banking profiles and other password-protected websites. It’s also important to block malware that may infiltrate your address book and send out mass emails that could infect the computers of everyone on your contact list.

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When it comes to setting up your network and computers, security should be one of the top items on your check list. At KABtech, we’re able to assist you with finding the correct solution for your company or home needs.

To start with, each computer should have anti-virus software installed. This will help to keep each individual machine clean and go a long way towards preventing the spread of viruses through your network.

The next step is installing the firewall in your network. Most hardware – routers and Ethernet hubs – come with a built-in firewall that automatically monitors all movements to and from your network. You’ll be able to set limitations and restrictions when it comes to web browsing, uploading and downloading. For an additional layer of security in your network, you can also install a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system.

When it comes to choosing which security hardware and software to go for, it’s important to note that some systems have limits as to how many computers or users they can adequately protect on the network. However, there are plenty of scalable options that are ideal for businesses that are growing.

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On top of having the correct hardware and software for protection, there are several methods that you can utilise that will improve the security of your network. As experts in the field, we always recommend that you:

  • Change all of your passwords regularly – at least every six months
  • Make passwords long and complicated – including capital letters, numbers and punctuation characters
  • Delete inactive user accounts – ex-employees or general accounts that you no longer use
  • Keep your software up to date – new viruses are always being created and only the latest version of your anti-virus software is likely to protect you from these threats

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At KABtech, we aim to provide you with the full range of computing services. From high-end computer hardware to fast, reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) systems that will connect you to the web. We’ll also keep your network protected with the correct security options.

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