Office Network Security

Office network security is essential for any business. This is the software that keeps your vital data safe from outside sources and ensures that any confidential files are secure. Protecting your home network is also highly recommended as this will prevent viruses and hackers from stealing your personal information.

There are several types of security options that include both hardware and software. They are all designed to put up a wall between your computer or network and the Internet. The level of protection that you can get ranges from basic firewalls that prevent viruses and malware from infecting your network to serious encryption that can keep out hackers.

At KABtech, we offer a wide range of solutions from some of the top technology brands in the world. These include Windows security and Microsoft security. Our experts are also available to assess your network and advise you on the optimum security set up. We also provide maintenance, repairs and upgrades on all hardware that you purchase from KABtech.

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