FREE Installation – Limited Time Offer!

special offer Wireless

FREE wireless installation to the value of R3900Absolutely 100% FREE (no contract)

This will include the following:

  • Internal wireless router
  • Microwave dish (antenna and radio)
  • Mounting point
  • Cabling
  • Installation

(The equipment is yours to own. If you ever had to move, the equipment can be reused.)

That’s not ALL folks!

  • We will upgrade your package to the next speed package for FREE for the following TWO (2) months.
    (As an example, if you signed up for a 4MB package, then your package will be bumped up to the 10MB package for two (2) months – Absolutely FREE!)

How do I qualify:

  • You need to provide us with three (3) friends contact details (see forms below) that will be interested in a KABTech broadband solution.
  • Share the promotion link on Facebook – KABTech Promotion
  • Two (2) out of your three (3) friends must purchase a broadband solution from KABTech.


  • Subject to online feasibility test
  • Subject to onsite physical test
  • A friend cannot be an existing KABTech client
  • If your friends pass the installation site physical test but you fail the test, KABTech will pay you R500 cash per friend who purchased a KABTech broadband solution.
  • Your friends have the opportunity to purchase a KABTech solution for a period of two (2) months after you have submitted their details.
  • You can claim the offer for a period of two (2) months once you are qualified. Once the two (2) month period expires, you will forfeit the FREE installation, but KABTech will reward you with R500 cash pay out for each of your friends that purchased a KABTech broadband solution.


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