Speaking to KAB Technologies sales person on the phone every time was great – they knew who we were and was very helpful towards us. I can’t emphasize how great it is to speak to the same person every time you call through to a service provider. When you speak to telkom, for instance, you are always just thrown together with some stranger who enters your details like a machine and takes you through the process – its very mechanical compared to the personal service that KAB tech offers.

Brian Tompkins

It was such a pleasure to deal with KAB Technologies. We’re primarily an online company and they totally got our high demand needs and suggested a quality solution at a reasonable cost. So rare to find such a professional team who know their stuff, are super responsive and implemented our installation so well and so quickly. Highly recommended.

Diane de VilliersCo-founderDaily Dish (Pty) Ltd

I have been using KABTech Air Fibre Wireless for more than 5 years now and its been the best decision I have made. I will never go back to the traditional SA monopoly ISP as far as humanly possible. The support from KABTech is superb!


Thank you KAB Technologies for your call and arranging everything. Your advise, assistance and speed at which you resolved my issues was impeccable.

Fawaaz Cariem

I am very satisfied with KABtech’s services. I thank the staff for all the good work and advice that they provide us.


Very impressed by the great service delivered on behalf of the Technical team, Sales and installation done. Thank you

Logan Fredericks

I just would like to congratulate you with a super service!!!

We are very pleased with the Internet service you provide. For the first time, I have been able to make use of the Internet for more than 3 months without one single interruption. Thanks for the good service.


KAB Technologies has exceeded my expectation in service delivery. After years of struggling with service providers making the move was seamless and instantaneously beneficial to my company.

Shane ClarkeManaging DirectorThe Printing Press