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It’s becoming increasingly clear that traditional tele-communication providers just cannot compete with the benefits offered by Voice over IP (VoIP). In terms of competitiveness, a VoIP PBX solution beats traditional services by offering the lowest price (especially when traditional line rentals and call costs are taken into account), as well as cost effective scalability and performance.

The beauty of a Cloud PBX solution is that you can take the service with you, being able to make and receive calls from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. With this kind of solution you can also have more than one phone number on one particular broadband line. This can provide superior scalability for several types of business lines for your organisation.

You’ll also be able to integrate features such as hunting facility, direct line numbers and even caller ID with a standard VOIP service. In terms of incoming calls, your number can be generic, i.e. non-geographic (for example 087), which provides the perception of a national company – as well as localized, such as 011 or 021 etc.

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For many businesses, the main point of contact with customers – and even other branches – is via a phone call. This means that a cutting-edge PBX solution could be the critical deciding factor between a reliable communication system and letting your customers or clients down. While in the past these types of infrastructures were analogue exchanges, advancement in technology has facilitated the switch to digital and IP systems. This allows for a business Internet phone system to be deployed.

It can get a bit difficult to assess the particular strengths and weaknesses of certain PBX systems. At KABtech, we walk you through all of your options so that you can make an informed decision! There are certain factors that need to be taken into account, such as size, average number of callers, and even the amount of resources that are available for the operation and maintenance of new equipment. There are essentially three types of PBX infrastructures currently in play:

  • Traditional PBX – These legacy systems are still in play for organisations around the world. This type of infrastructure connects callers through a few phone lines using multiple extensions. This solution can be integrated digitally through gateways and VOIP cards, and will typically utilise basic analogue or digital extension phones. These are generally separate from any data network. At the end of the day, the rise of IP PBX and Hosted solutions means that traditional PBX will eventually be rendered obsolete.
  • IP PBX – This type of solution integrates into the same network used for sending/receiving emails, browsing the Internet and many other online activities. An IP-based system allows for an initiative to have all of its communication requirements with one provider, this in turn leads to simplified billing and comprehensive support. This is definitely considered an upgrade from a traditional system and while it may be initially more expensive to implement, the overall total cost of ownership is much lower in the long run. This is because core system components don’t have a lifespan, as these are typically software based. This also makes seamless upgrades and receiving remote support more viable.
  • Hosted PBX – This is an increasingly popular option for many types of businesses and organisations. It’s a solution that is operated largely off-site and is maintained by your VoIP service provider. You simply pay a monthly fee in order to receive all of the benefits of a superior PBX system, without having to employ an in-house IT team to operate or maintain it.

When deciding on a communication solution for your business, it’s important to determine the right option by two main variables: location and communication type. On premise PBX provides more control over the system’s operations. This means that IT professionals who are hired to be onsite can handle configurations and maintenance as required. However, if you aren’t able to comfortably bear the costs of an onsite IT team, then offsite service providers are a far more cost-efficient avenue. You can even pair this service with your broadband connectivity.

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