It’s becoming increasingly clear that traditional tele-communication providers just cannot compete with the benefits offered by Voice over IP (VoIP). In terms of competitiveness, a VoIP PBX solution beats traditional services by offering the lowest price (especially when traditional line rentals and call costs are taken into account), as well as cost effective scalability and performance.

The beauty of a Cloud PBX solution is that you can take the service with you, being able to make and receive calls from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. With this kind of solution you can also have more than one phone number on one particular broadband line. This can provide superior scalability for several types of business lines for your organisation.

You’ll also be able to integrate features such as hunting facility, direct line numbers and even caller ID with a standard VOIP service. In terms of incoming calls, your number can be generic, i.e. non-geographic (for example 087), which provides the perception of a national company – as well as localized, such as 011 or 021 etc.

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